Quizz IX (15)


Qu’exigent des militaires nobles amis de Saint-Loup de leurs collègues bourgeois républicains ?

1) l’assistance à la messe, 2) des mains propres, 3) un uniforme réglementaire


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  1. 15 Demanded military noble friend of Saint-Loup their Republican colleagues bourgeois?

    1) Mass attendance, 2) clean hands, 3) a regulation uniform

    Smiling. We have a saying, « Cleanliness is next to Godliness. »
    So, thinking trick question, #1 and #2.

    Now, not sure where that comes from…don’t think it is from the Bible… but the idea that you wash your hands, and/or feet, before praying is a foundation of many religions.

    I did this in Japan:

    ~ Purify your hands and mouth at the « temizuya » water pavilion
    The « temizuya » water pavilion consisting of a water basin and ladles is not a place to drink water. It is there to perform « misogi, » a ritual to purify the body and mind with water before proceeding to stand in front of the deity. Originally this ritual was performed in the nude at special misogi locations like the ocean or a river, but today the ritual has been simplified to rinsing your hands and mouth at the temizuya. Wash yourself with the idea of washing away impurities in your heart as well as from your physical self.

    ・First, scoop up water in a ladle with your right hand and pour water over your left hand.
    ・Next, hold the ladle with your left hand and pour water over your right hand.
    ・In your left hand, take some water that you have scooped with the ladle and rinse your mouth. Never touch the ladle directly to your mouth.
    ・Lastly, using the remaining water, tip the ladle to rinse it off.

    *You only scoop up water one time, at the very first step of the process.

  2. Oui 1 et 2 ( avec, dans la phrase, de superbes subjonctifs imparfaits )

  3. Je change ma réponse précédente en disant
    Réponse 1 et 2, assistance à la messe et les mains propres

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