Quizz VIII (8)


Que dit la mère du Héros admirative à son mari quand, de retour de promenade, il lui montre la porte de chez tante Léonie après lui avoir demandé « Où sommes-nous ? » ?

1) Tu es extraordinaire, 2) Tu es fantastique, 3) Tu es formidable

CATEGORIES : Divertissement/ AUTHOR : patricelouis

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  1. 8 What does the Hero’s mother say admiringly to her husband when, returning from a walk, he shows her the door of Aunt Leonie after asking him « Where are we? « ?

    1) You are extraordinary, 2) You are fantastic, 3) You are great

    Answer: Guessing #1

    Hum….in English, ‘great’ sounds like a platitude, and ‘fantastic’ has a sense of something only in the imagination, like a fantasy (which knowing the way around ‘his’ hometown certainly isn’t).

    And who’s family are we visiting, anyway?

    The mother’s family?
    Céline and Flora are the grandmother’s sisters…the maternal grandmother.

    Or the father’s family?

    « For, simply to tease her (she had brought so different a type of mind into my father’s family that everyone made fun of her), my great-aunt used to make my grandfather,…. » MP

    Proust wants us confused. 😉

  2. Réponse 1, bien sûr.

  3. réponse 1) Tu es extraordinaire

  4. Je dis comme tout le monde: réponse 1.