Quizz VIII (28)


Où le Héros écrit-il ses premiers mots dans la Recherche ?

1) Dans la carriole du docteur Percepied, 2) dans sa chambre à Combray, 3) dans sa chambre à Paris

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  1. Réponse 1) Dans la carriole du docteur Percepied

  2. Réponse 2 dans le mot adressé à Maman.

  3. Sans vérifier je penche aussi pour la 1

  4. 28 Where the Hero he wrote his first words in the search ?

    1) In the carriage of Dr. Percepied, 2) in his room at Combray 3) in his room in Paris

    Hum….the Narrator’s first article was published in Le Figaro. It was edited from his impressions of the three steeples, which he saw from Dr. Percepied’s carriage.

    But the Narrator’s very first written words in the story?
    His note to his mother—his desperate pleading, to which his mother sent no reply!

    Interesting…at that moment with Françoise, his pattern of lies and manipulation began.

    Thinking about his fear of abandonment…and the obsessive desire to do anything to assuage that terrible, relentless anxiety.

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