Quizz VIII (11)


Où Saint-Loup couvre-t-il le Héros d’un manteau pour le protéger du froid ?

1) Dans la cour de sa caserne, 2) dans un restaurant, 3) dans une voiture


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  1. 11 Where does Saint-Loup cover the Hero with a cloak to protect him from the cold?

    1) In the courtyard of his barracks, 2) in a restaurant, 3) in a car

    Answer: #2

    Based on a true experience.
    From William C. Carter’s biography:

    « Sometime in 1902 Proust sketched three new characters and scenes and added them to the Jean Santeuil manuscript. (7) One of these scenes was directly inspired by a dashing gesture of kindness that Fénelon made in August at Larue’s restaurant. (8)

     » In spite of the summer heat Marcel felt chilly, and Bertrand rushed off to find something to keep him warm. Returning with a borrowed coat, Fénelon leaped up on the cushioned seat along the walls of the crowded restaurant and ran toward his shivering friend; as he ran he jumped over the electrical wires jutting out of the wall to the lamps on the tables.

    « Marcel, amazed and moved by Bertrand’s kind, acrobatic gesture, transcribed the scene first for Jean Santeuil, where he depicted Bertrand as the epitome of good breeding, grace, and masculine beauty. (9) This moment may well have marked the high point in Proust’s crush on Fénelon. Their friendship was to follow a pattern similar to that seen with Reynaldo and Lucien, though Proust and Fénelon were never as close.  »

    7. These are believed to be the last additions to the Jean Santeuil manuscript. In the scene from Jean Santeuil depicting the race across the restaurant to bring Jean a coat, the beau geste is made by Jean’s friend Bertrand de Réveillon, whose name echoes that of his real-life counterpart.

    8. Kolb dates this incident in May or June 1902. See Corr. 3: 8, and Kolb, “Historique,” 264.

    9. In the Search, Fénelon was a model not only for Saint-Loup but for Albertine in the scene in which the Narrator admires her beautiful legs pumping the pianola. This vision of the athletic girl inspired thoughts identical to those when Proust admired Fénelon running toward him with the coat. See Search 5: 515.

  2. Réponse 2 (tout comme Bertrand de Fénelon)

  3. Superbe scène dans un restaurant où Saint Loup emprunte le manteau de vigogne du prince de Foix pour couvrir les épaules du Narrateur…
    A quelle heure faut-il se lever pour être le premier à répondre ?

  4. réponse 2) dans un restaurant

  5. Dans un restaurant, réponse 2 : une très célèbre scène de « réparation d’ego » – et puis, elle m’a toujours fait penser à ces jeunes gens comme Saint-Laurent ou Lagerfeld, à l’élégance hautaine et dansante.

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