La Journée des Aubépines sur Periscope

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En exclusivité sur ce blogue : samedi 16 mai 2015, moi, le fou de Proust, je vous fais vivre la Journée des Aubépines en direct sur Periscope (si j’ai tout bien compris) organisée par la Société des Amis de Marcel proust et des Amis de Combray, à Illiers-Combray.

Premier rendez-vous à 10 h 30 (au méridien de tante Léonie).

Parole de proustiste…

Patrice Louis

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  1. Oh, Pioneer Patrice~
    Periscope will turn me into « a fly on the wall. »
    I will be watching (but not understanding) at 4:30 am (New York).

    Now, for some coding wizard to create an App, that turns French speech into English text…in real time.

    Thank you for taking us on this tech-adventure!

  2. Patrice~
    I replayed the Periscope!
    What a « full house, » in the attic. I saw your introduction and was amazed. This is the future!
    Thank you. Merci, Patrice!

    I hope to « Periscope » Jean Findlay, on the 21st, at ALBERTINE Books (around 7pm New York time)

  3. Rendez-vous à 13 h.

  4. Patrice~
    Naturally, I needed to Replay it the second time…and give you a zillion « hearts. »

    Your commentary, albeit I only understood 5%, was wonderful in introducing the two speakers, paging through Hillerin’s biography, describing the view outside the attic window, and explaining that the photogher’s photo of Laure Hillerin, Mireille Natural and Élyane Dezon-Jones (?) will be in the newspaper.

    The viewers must have been surprised, as I was, when you showed…the steeple!
    When I visited the museum for the second time, in 2013, I was the only person in the attic…so I spent almost an hour looking at the Nadar photographs. Thank you for mentioning them.

    But the best part?
    When you giggled!
    I hope you may bring me a copy of the program, when you come for dinner, in Ménerbes in September.

    Until then, my friend, I am so grateful you live-streamed, via Periscope, the moments before Laure Hillerin’s ‘book talk’ in Illiers-Combray.

    It was magical…your 21st century « reporting. »

  5. Patrice~
    Yes, thank you for inviting me for lunch. 😉
    It was visually…delicious!
    I have goose-bumps.

    Now, I want to attempt video the Replay, with my iPhone, so I can save it.

  6. Patrice~
    I am practicing…video taping the live-feeds, so they can be saved. I sent you and Bill Carter an iCloud Sharing Folder, with the Periscopes. (They (had to be sliced into several parts.)

    Let me know, if you are able to retrieve them. 😉

  7. Que n’ai-je un smartphone !

  8. Bonsoir Patrice,
    Malheureusement j’ai tout rate…


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